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Kit has been creating her special people and dressed animal figures
for about 20 years , which is about the same length of time she has been using Cernit. Cernit is an oven-hardening polymer compound which is quite translucent, can be worked very fine and is extremely strong and durable. All of Kit's original sculpted figures are made entirely of Cernit, including the hair, clothes and even some of the accessories. The hair in all of her figures is made by rolling out each individual hair one fine strand at a time, picking it up and putting it in place. In "Richard's Garden Lady" pictured above, her hair was created just that way. In addition, her clothes are made of Cernit as are the flowers she holds, the accessories in her apron pockets and the iris flowers and leaves at her feet.

The creation of each figure and scene is a very detailed and pains-taking process, sometimes requiring many days or weeks from inception to completion. Kit draws inspiration for her themes from her own life interests: memories of childhood, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, literature, gardening, quilting and decorative painting. But regardless of theme, each piece that Kit creates has a special magic quality, a certain indelible stamp left behind that tells who made it. It is quite un-mistakable. Around here, we like to say that "reality is what you make believe of it." Welcome to Kit's world!

Kit's World:
Reality is what you make believe of it.


home architectural fantasy housemother collection one of a kind scale miniatures nonesuch news about us ordering contact us links

One Of A Kind