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In addition to Pernickety, what's new for us are the changes we have made to our website. First of all, this new Home page will be used as an information page to alert you to any changes in our website, including any new items or features.



We have also added a new section showing all the items that are currently available for purchase (see "Available Now" below) on our site. The genesis for this section arose out of our decision to stop taking orders on our work. The constant pressure of trying to fill orders has interfered with the design and development of new ideas. In short, if we are continually duplicating our old designs, we have no time or energy to create new ones. Therefore we will no longer take orders on our work. Instead, we will offer new items on a regular basis in our new "Available Now" section. We hope by putting all the items for sale in this one section will also make our site easier to navigate. It will certainly be more fun for us as it gives us much more flexibility as to what we make.

We will develop new items on a regular basis and offer them for sale on our website in the "Available Now" section. This section will change on a regular basis so be sure to check back often to see what's new. Our "Galleries" (see above left) will still contain archives of Kit's older work, and she will continue, from time to time, to reproduce those pieces and offer them for sale. Please click on the photo below to visit this new section.



We have also added a new gallery to showcase Kit's favorite hobby - decorative painting.





We have also added a new section showing what we have for sale on ebay (see "Available on Ebay" below). We will be running regular auctions of our work on ebay and this section will be a quick reference guide for those who might be interested.


Pernickety a few weeks later, in a moment of intense concentration!
We love to shop ebay auctions ourselves and we like offering our work on ebay from time to time. Auctions are fun and they give us flexibility in what we make and sell. This section is a quick reference guide to what we have for sale on ebay. Please click on the photo below to see what is on auction now.

Meet Pernickety, the newest member of our family, as he appeared on the animal shelter's website. Who could resist this face? Not us!