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All Housemothers are 3-piece sets
  of architectural sculpture consisting of
     the Housemother, the base, and an interior
       scene. Each Housemother lifts off her base
          to allow you to meet the small occupants                   inside. The interior scenes can
                also be lifted out.

Kate the Gardener
Part of the Limited Edition
Katrina: Housemother Christmas
Part of the Artist's Edition
Housemothers are available in two distinct and different editions.
Limited Edition Housemothers are reproduced for us in cold cast porcelain and consist of a line of 5 bears and 3 pigs. The Artist's
Edition Housemothers are produced by us in hydrostone and consist
of a line of 6 bears in a wide variety of sizes. Click on each Housemother
to see the two editions.

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Housemother Collection