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About Us
Kit began her work in the world of scale miniatures sculpting a whimsical variety of people, dressed animal figures, and collectible cottages. She was regularly featured in mainstream miniature publications, and was very well known for her Cernit figural sculpture. Kit made the jump into the wider world of collectibiles in the 1990's when she sculpted a line of commemorative bears for the Knickerboker Company. She introduced her own line of Limited Edition collectible cottages and figures at the 1997 International Collectibles Exposition in Long Beach, Ca. This was followed by the release of her popular Housemother Collection at the 2000 International Collectibles Exposition in Chicago. The Housemothers are a whimsical line of charming creatures that are part animal and part cottage. Her work was featured on the cover of Figurines and Collectibles magazine and write-ups in other collectible publications. In recent years, Kit has focused on designing custom display pieces for her own work as well as for other lines of collectible figurines. She has lately embarked on yet another path - creating one of a kind pieces of art from mixed media that she likes to call the art of whimsy.
Welcome to our world!
by Warren Cropper
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