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How easy it is to forget!

Most of us have childhood memories of what a magical place the world was then. And then we "grow up". And then, as it says in the bible, "we put away childish things". But where did we put them? And how do we get them back? How do we remember?

Our website is dedicated to the rather simple idea that, beyond the awful news headlines that daily bombard us, there is magic in this world just waiting to be re-discovered. I like to call Kit's work the "art of whimsy", because it takes our universe and juxtaposes it with another possible "parallel universe" in a way that makes people smile, or laugh, or think. For many years, whenever we drove south to the S.F. bay area on HWY 101, we passed a sign on an old farm building that read, "Don't forget the magic!" When I saw those words it was like an electric shock---like waking from a deep sleep to fully wide awake and alert. Then I knew I had forgotten again.

This lesson has stayed with me always, and is the under-lying theme that informs all that we do. After all, "seeing" in a different way, as Thomas Wolfe put it, "makes new magic in a dusty world".

And then we can start to remember...........

Welcome to our world!


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