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Kit and her much-missed friend,
the late, great Huckleberry Finn

Welcome to our world - thanks for stopping by! We are a tiny company with two employees - my wife Kit who is the artist, designer, sculptor and painter, and me, Warren. I am still trying to figure out what I do! We have been in business for over 20 years, starting with scale miniatures and later branching out into collectible figurines and cottages. Kit draws inspiration for her themes from her own life interests: childhood memories, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, literature, gardening, barbershop, quilting and decorative painting.

She began her work in the world of miniatures sculpting a whimsical variety of people, dressed animal figures, and collectible cottages. She created her popular Housemother Collection in 1999, a fantastical line of creatures that are part bear (or pig) and part cottage. Recently she began designing imaginative displays for the wonderful Wee Forest Folk figures (which she loves and collects). But regardless of theme, each piece that Kit creates has a special magical quality, a certain indelible stamp that is always quite un-mistakable.

In our business dealings over the years, we have been guided by a simple principle - treat people fairly and honestly, just the way we like to be treated. If you are not happy with what you buy from us, return it for a full refund. If there is a problem of any kind, we will make it right. That is how we do business and that is our pledge to you.

Once upon a time I wrote a short story about a magical cat named Pernickety who was the proprietor of an enchanted bookstore. Pernickety's magical bookstore transported each child who entered anywhere their imagination longed to go. Pernickety's mission in life was to fulfill each child's hearts desire - anything less than that he considered a failure. In a similar, but less ambitious fashion, that is one of our intentions here at Kit Cropper Studios. To be sure, we want our business to be profitable, but we also want to create magical works that make people happy and that also allow their imagination to take flight. If we can accomplish that, then, like Pernickety, we can truly call ourselves a success.

Welcome To Kit Cropper Studios!